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Shugo Chara #4 and Yozakura Quartet #2 came in the mail today.

I was curious to find out what happens next in Shugo Chara, so I read it immediately.
(Even though the deadline for Yozakura Quartet is earlier...)

It's quite interesting.
It's spring in the Shugo Chara world, and in Japan that means graduation and a new school year.
People say goodbye to their senpai, people say hello to their new classmates.

So there are a lot of changes.

And there were many revelations in this volume.
Like Ikuto and Utau are XXXX, Ikuto and Tadase are XXXX, and Nadeshiko is really a XXXX.

It makes me want to go back and read the previous 3 volumes...
But that's hard because mine are all cut up.

The obi comes with the Shugo Chara anime starting in Japan this fall.
I went to the Shugo Chara anime website and found out that I know none of the anime staff and voice actors.
I am familiar with the group that will be singing the opening song.

They really made it otaku-oriented, is all I can say...
Well, and for little girls too, I guess.

I'm not a big fan of the character designs for the anime, but if you are interested please check it out.

Shugo Chara! Anime Website


seriously???? that's cool so ^^ then i'm gonna wait till it's out... hum... is it you who do too the vol 3 or someone else.???

ano just a question... to be a translator... do you need something big as a diploma???? or something???? because i wanna be translator but not sure what to do... sorry if it's not supposed to be here >.<

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