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Magical Circle Guru Guru

Today I went to see a client, and they were really nice to lend me the Magical Circle Guru Guru DVD set.

I love love love love love the manga.
Among comedy manga, I like Guru Guru and Pyu to Fuku Jaguar.
And Slam Dunk...but I think that's more of a sports manga than comedy manga.

I saw some of the Guru Guru anime when it was running in Japan.

I remember I hated Kukuri's voice, but I got used to it after a few episodes.

Guru Guru is funny because of the Dragon Quest parody.
Maybe that's why it hasn't been licensed for the US.

But it's cute even if you don't know Dragon Quest...

Anyway, it was sad while watching the anime I could recite the lines.
I read the manga that many times...

The story is about a boy named Nike (pronounced KNEE-kay) and a girl named Kukuri who must travel to defeat the evil king Giri.
Nike is a yuusha (hero warrior?) and Kukuri is a magic user who uses a special type of magic called Guru Guru.
Kukuri is the last of the Migu Migu clan who can use Guru Guru, and must use Guru Guru to seal Giri.

One of my favorite characters is Gippuru, a fairy who wears a fundoshi under his cape.
(So every time a wind blows, he grosses people out).
He also comes and says, "Kusa! Kussa!" when someone (usually Nike) says something corny and embarrassing.

There are 45 episodes in the anime, and 16 volumes for the manga.
There's also a movie, and there are 38 episodes in the sequel, "Doki Doki Legend Magical Circle Guru Guru."


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