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Japan Shopping List

Since I'm thinking of going to Japan during Tokyo Game Show (of course, this is for work!), I'm starting to make a list of things to buy.

Like...Itadaki Street on DS!
Gyakuten Saiban 4!

Especially with Itadaki Street...there are huge ads on every single Square Enix magazine, so I can't stop thinking about it.
Please stop torturing me!!!

I still haven't played Itadaki Street on PS2 yet.
Because I can't find my PS2.
Plus, the memory card slot is broken.

It's really too bad, because I have a lot of time now.
Well, that'll probably end tomorrow when I get my 2 new books from Company DR.
So in addition to With the Light #6, I would have Shugo Chara #4 and Yozakura Quartet #2 on my plate.

And I'm also waiting on a new series from Company T.


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