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Prepping for Industry Anime Karaoke Night

I spent the whole day looking for songs to learn to sing at the "Industry Anime Karaoke Night" that I'm planning.

Well, actually I'm planning to plan it.
Which really isn't planning it.

I don't know any recent anime songs (because I don't really know any recent anime), so I've been blindly searching YouTube.

I like upbeat songs.
My favorite is Hare Guu's "Love Tropicana."
It's been in my mp3 player (which only carries maybe 20 songs?) forever, since I never get bored of it.

So if anyone can recommend songs to me, that would be great.

I also worked on my video game translation.
It's the same game I was working on in June, but this time it's the manual.
I wish they gave me this manual to do first, so I would have better knowledge of how the game operates...
Oh well.



Oh Oh!!! I would like to recommend Metamorphoze ~メタモルフォーゼ~, by Gackt! Definitely upbeat in a manly Zeta Gundam way.

Oh and a karaoke event isn't the same without at least one attempt at Pajama Jamada. Urusei Yatsura songs are always upbeat and pretty fun to dance to also.

Personally I might like to sing an old song like the theme song for Attack no 1.

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I can't find it!!
I keep getting "video removed due to copyright violation." ^_^;
But I do know about Tegomass.
I keep forgetting they're pop idols; their name sounds like a comedian duo's name!! (Like Masuda Okada or Shinagawa Shoji)

I've never sang Gackt, but isn't he hard!?
I don't know Pajama Jamada either...I hope I can find it.
The only Urusei song I know is the famous one: "Lum's Love Song."
I don't know Attack No 1's song either...the oldest one I know is...Esper Mami?

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