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2007 Comic-Con Day 4

The final day.

Actually, I didn't go to any panels.
I stayed in the Exhibit Hall to help cover Company B's booth, to thank my friend A for staying up with me the night before.

I do like selling merchandise.
I wish my clients would ask me to help out at their booths at conventions.
Of course, I would be pushing the products I was involved in.

Company B's Y-san told me that the Juvenile Orion illustration books were down to what they brought to Comic-Con.
Wow! So they're almost sold out...
So if you still haven't gotten it yet, please do!

While I was at the booth:
My graphic designer friend F came by to say bye (she lives in NorCal).
We talked a bit about the projects we're both working on, and about Yaoi Con, because that's the next time I'll get to see her.

AoD staff reviewer M came by to say goodbye, and we talked a bit more about Comic-Con and other stuff.

And my potential client, R from Company JCP came by to say hi.
We only knew each other through email, so...
He actually came to the Company B booth to say hi to someone else, but found me instead.
So it was by lucky chance we got to meet.
I also got to meet R's partner S-san.

I got home at 3am in the morning.

Anyway, that's it for 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.
2008 San Diego Comic-Con will be from July 24 to July 27.
It will probably sell out again, so remember to register early!


Yes, you should try Comic-Con if you have family interested in it.
And it's not only comics anymore, which is why it's so huge.
Movie studios and game companies will be participating more and more now!

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