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2007 Comic-Con Day 3

Saturday, the busiest day.
Although it says on the Comic-Con website that all days are sold out.
So all days would be equally busy, no?

I checked tennis scores before I left, and unfortunately Kei lost.
But he went to the quarterfinals in his second ATP tournament, and that’s REALLY good.

Anyway. Off to Comic-Con.

I went to the Exhibit Hall first, because that was where I could catch my breath.
The hallways, panel rooms, even the spaces under the stairs were packed with people.

I went to the first half of the State of Animation Industry panel.
Almost everyone in the room were animators, and I felt out of place.

But I did like that one of the panelists stated that hopefully animation will be seen as entertainment for adults, and not just kids.
I would like to see an anime movie with mature themes like Paprika (and not just because I worked on it) get nominated for the Oscars, rather than movies with animal characters voiced by Hollywood actors.
Although I guess I shouldn’t be saying something like this when I haven’t watched Cars or Monster House or whatever else that was on the Oscars list.

I had to get out of the panel because I was really, really hungry.
So I had some nachos, something I’ve been craving for a while.
The cheese was cold and the chips were salty, though.

Then I went to Company DR’s panel.

They licensed Gyakuten Saiban!
(Well, one of the manga, at least).

It’s too bad I’m not working on it, but it’s okay.
Spreading the Gyakuten Saiban love is good enough for me.

They didn’t announce anything new that I worked on, but they did introduce Yozakura Quartet.

I then went to a panel called The Hero Initiative: I’m Supposed to Retire on This!?
This was actually my best panel of the con.
It's financial information for professional comic people, but I thought it would be useful to me because I’m self-employed too, much like comic writers or inkers.
It was run by a financial advisor and a tax preparer.

I knew most of the information already, but I did get new information and I’m really grateful.
They had a raffle giving away stuff, and I actually won something...a DVD called “Marvel Then and Now.”
I would’ve preferred the IRS or entrepreneur book (or a tutorial DVD provided by the IRS), but it’s cool; I’m happy I won. (I never win those things).

At night I went to the Company YP party.
I got to yell (there was loud music in the background) to Tania and Kurt, as well as MangaCast Ed and AoD reviewer M and his lovely wife.

I came back to the hotel and immediately looked up tennis news, and Blake lost to Querry.
What an upset!!
I was cheering for both (well, Blake more than Querry).
Good job, Sam!


Tomorrow it's finally over, and I don't have much planned, so I might just stay in the hotel and work.
(And watch tennis).


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