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2007 Comic-Con Day 2

Today I had a fruitful (?) day.

I woke up from a dream where I killed Hilary Clinton dressed in pink with a deadly weapon.

Then I got ready and went to Comic-Con.

The first panel I went to was Meeting the Writers of Crayon Shin-chan.
This was actually my first time seeing Shin-chan in English.
I had seen Japanese episodes a loooong time ago when they were popular.

Gee, I didn’t know how much freedom they had.
But it was funny and well done.

I then went to the Exhibit Hall and helped Company BV sell some FREEDOM DVDs.
Maybe it’s the plot about government conspiracy that gets people interested?
By the way, if you buy it from their booth you will receive an autographed FREEDOM DVD insert by director Morita.
So check it out!

I then went to Company T’s panel with my graphic designer friend F.
They went through a load of information, so please check out anime news sites for that.

F and I returned to the Exhibit Hall, shared a hot dog, and talked about the industry for a while.
Then she had to go get in line for an autograph, so I helped Company B stamp cards for the stamp hunt.
There I ran into Rich from Anime Vegas.
Hopefully I can go this year.

After that I went to Company B’s panel.
I sat with Ed from MangaCast, who did a really good job covering the panel.
Please check it out here.

The audience thought the title “Sex Friend” was funny.
I hope they like it...I’m working on it soon.

And the jankenpon game was really fun.
I think everyone enjoyed it.

They gave away Kon Kon Kokon stickers at the end.
I didn’t take one, but instead I chatted with Stephen from Company G.
We promised to have a karaoke night among industry people now that the convention season is almost over.

I stayed in the room for the Company 7S panel.
I didn’t know that they had announced the title I worked on previously.
It’s Voiceful, one of their Strawberry line.
It is a story about a girl and a singer who gives her courage.

And I stayed again for the Company YP panel.

With the Light #1 will be coming out in September, but please remember that it might not be in the manga section at some stores.
It might be in Child Development or something similar.

That’s it for Day 2.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention yesterday I saw SatoP (producer Sato) from Company G.
I told him that we talked at the flower viewing for Company G back in March, but he didn't remember.
Which I figured, because he was under the influence.
(And who isn't at a flower viewing?)


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