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2007 Comic-Con Day 1

Today I had Hawaiian bread for breakfast.

I met up with my graphic designer friend F, and went to Company YP to meet up with Kurt and Tania.
I've known Kurt for a while now, but this was my first time meeting him.
They are very friendly.

For them, I gave Tania a Pichon-kun plushie and a Sushi Azarashi cell strap to Kurt.
Too bad Kurt's cell phone doesn't have a cell strap hole.

We looked around the Exhibit Hall a bit, but since F and I are both around 5' tall, we were pushed around a lot.

I then went to some panels.

I really enjoyed the DC Crossover panel, because all of the panelists are writers.
I like writers.

They said that it was interesting how Comic-Con has grown so big that it is like Sundance, and Hollywood has shut down for the weekend to be down here.

I liked the "movie executive jokes" they made.

I went back to the Exhibit Hall and was hanging around the Company B area.
Then a guy came along and he was wondering if he should buy Delivery Cupid.
I overheard him, and I told him the series was cute and funny, and I should know because I translated it.

Then he bought the book and asked me for an autograph.

I felt really bad that I was tainting his book, but he insisted, so I signed it.
This isn't the first time someone actually asked for an autograph (I swear, it's not worth ANYTHING guys!).
A fan of KAMUI asked me once too.
But this was the first time I wrote on a product...

I just hope he enjoys the book.

I met the president of UART (they make really good figures...please check out the Paprika one!), editor-in-chief of Wani Books (they have titles such as Mahoromatic, Ikki Tousen, etc) and a property rights person from SE. (I think he's a manager, but his business card is very humble).
From the US side, I met the buyer from B&N books, and a producer from Geneon.

I'm really tired because I didn't take a nap today, which I usually do at home.
Working freelance does spoil you.

Oh, and Kei won at Indianapolis today!
I can't believe he won the 2nd round!
My friend spoke to him after the 1st round match, and he actually has allergies AND has a cold, but he still won.
Go Kei!


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