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2007 Comic-Con Day 0

I had cup o' noodles for breakfast.

So for lunch I treated myself to something more expensive.

I went to Anthony's to get clam chowder and a grilled salmon sandwich.
I got a side of white rice (it comes with a choice of white rice, french fries, etc), and it made me laugh that they attached a packet of soy sauce with it.
I should've brought umeboshi.

Then off to Comic-Con.
There was a short but fast line for the Professionals line, and for some reason my guest pass name was messed up.
I registered my best friend Huy, but the lady said,
"And your guest, Jason, is here?"

I was like,
It should be a Chinese name.

She said I had to get in a different line to fix that, but I didn't because Huy is not here anyway.

This was my first year going to the Preview Night, and my goodness, it's packed!!
I guess it's because the Exhibit Hall is the only thing that's open, and people are eager to get their hands on stuff today so that they can focus on panels for the rest of the weekend.

Here are some pictures from the Exhibit Hall.
I couldn't take much, because of the number of people around.

These are lobsters with faces on their crotches.

Banners of Alita and Kai at Company B.

Pops displayed at Company SE.

Spread the Gyakuten Saiban love!
I guess the third one is coming out in October.
Wow, that's fast.
This third one is my favorite one, because it connects stories from the past (like, way back...I didn't remember some of the storylines).

And I finally got to meet my editor from Company DR!
I gave her a Coo cap as a small gift of appreciation.


It resembles the hat Ao wears in Yozakura Quartet, and I remember her saying in her newsletter that she wanted to cosplay.
This hat is an easy way to cosplay.
People can wear it to the office on Halloween or something.


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