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Sample Books Galore

I got many sample books recently.

First, I got Ghost Hunt #8.
This is the first time reading GH #8, but it wasn't scary at all because I know what happens in #9.
I think it was nice of Company DR to send me #8 when I didn't work on it.
(Well, I did work on some pages when they wanted me to confirm some missing translations).

By the way, Ghost Hunt #8 and #9 takes place in Kanazawa.
Kanazawa is one of the places in Japan that I feel have many murders and stuff (in fiction, not in real life).
This is not based on facts; it's just perception.
I know I shouldn't say this because I get a little annoyed when people from Japan would say,
"Don't you get shot in Los Angeles?"

Geez. I just live next doors to drug dealers and gangster wannabes, that's all.

The other book I got from Company DR is KAGETORA #6.

This is a cute volume because Kagetora and Yuki's love develops.
Well, they have a bunch of obstacles...

From Company B, I got the sample for Delivery Cupid.

I guess it's going to be available at Otakon this weekend, so please check it out...if you're over 18.
Minors can't read it yet!!

Another book I got was KAMUI #8.
There is a kiss between two characters...
Now guess which two!
Hint: the two are the same sex.


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