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Kiyoku Yawaku

Since I have a little bit of a break before my next deadline, I'll introduce a manga I like.

It's called Kiyoku Yawaku, an omnibus manga series by shojo master Ryo Ikuemi.

For those of you who don't know Ryo Ikuemi, she is one of the "kanban" manga artists for the magazine Cookie.
The other "kanban" artist for Cookie is Ai Yazawa.
This means that Cookie will use either one of them to generate sales for that month's issue.

(Kanban literally means "sign" or "(advertising) display;" kanban musume would mean "poster girl.")

Anyway, back to Kiyoku Yawaku.

It's a collection of different love stories.
Sometimes it ends happily, sometimes it doesn't.

The second story in volume 1 is about a love triangle + 1.
Kanna, Haruta, Maya + Asami.
Pretty sad.
I think the Kanna, Haruta, Maya story is in every volume...
Until volume 4.
(I didn't get volume 5 yet).

So I'll talk about them.

People who don't like spoilers, please don't drag and read below.

Kanna and Haruta are childhood friends.
Now that they are in high school, they're not sure if they're just friends anymore.

In high school they meet Mayama (Maya) and Asami, and the four become good friends.

Maya and Haruta are in love with Kanna, Asami is in love with Haruta, and Kanna just doesn't know.
But since Maya is the one making moves on her, she thinks she might like Maya.

They night Maya and Kanna sort of "get together," Haruta dies in an accident.

Asami doesn't forgive Maya and Kanna for being together on the night Haruta died, and Maya and Kanna just feel bad about everything.

Volume 2.
Skip to the future, and Maya meets a girl named Ai.
(In this story, the story is told from Ai's point of view).

They get closer but then they coincidentally bump into Kanna.

In volume 3, the story goes back to the past.
The story is about Ichie, a girl who liked Haruta, and Haruta's cousin Kiyo.
Of course, Kanna appears in this story too.

My favorite arc is the Ichie & Kiyo story.
It's actually the longest one in the series too.
But the Ichie & Kiyo story wouldn't have been good without the Kanna + Haruta + Maya story.
And that is why this omnibus manga is an omnibus manga.

Anyway, I really don't do justice to the manga by introducing it here.

Let's just hope Company V or someone will license it and bring it over.


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