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AX 2007 Day 3

Today was going to be a busy day, so we were to eat breakfast in the car.
I bought some sandwiches at the Hyatt Starbucks, and we went to Santa Monica.

The night before I had to research information about Route 66 in Los Angeles, and found out some surprising stuff for the FREEDOM team...

It'll be in the bonus footage, so please look for it.

This is Morita and Sato at the Route 66 plaque.

We went to Hooters for lunch.
They commented that the food was oily.

We stopped by Best Buy before going back to Long Beach.
Morita bought Animal Tycoon, some DS game.

We went back to Anime Expo to attend another FREEDOM screening.
This time it was for episode 2, which is a real treat because it won't be released until September.

After some Q&A with the fans, we got ready for the autograph session.

There were many enthusiastic fans that came along.
Someone even came twice. He wanted an autograph from Morita on his Kakurenbo DVD sleeve.

After the autograph session we had two interviews.

Then they went to dinner.
I didn't go, but K-san from Company BV USA went with them.


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