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Final Prep Day for AX 2007

Today was my last day to prepare for AX.

There was a little trouble preparing for one of Morita-san's requests, and I had to drive out all the way to Westminster.
(about 40 minutes away from where I live, and to LA people that's a long drive).

I checked out the Long Beach area, figured out where the supermarkets and other stores were located, etc, etc.

I also got an email from a company who's looking for more translators saying they wanted to meet me.
...I had to tell them that I'm only free on Sunday night after dinner and Monday afternoon.
Hopefully both of our schedules work out...and hopefully they like me so I can get more work.

I'll be at Long Beach starting from tomorrow all the way until the next Wednesday.


Hopefully I can blog during AX, but I do have to work on With the Light #4, so I don't know.
And attending to Japanese guests is a 15-hours a day job.


40 minutes can be a long drive depending on the traffic [shudders] Traffic is evil XD

But that's really good that you have a company who wants to meet with you! I'm sure they will like you, I like you and we haven't even met face to face, that says something :) Good luck with it even though I know you'll be fine when you do meet up with them!

[Crosses fingers] Here's to hoping that I do get to go to one day of Anime Expo and that I might get to meet you if I do go! O.o but only if you want to meet me XD Hehe ^^;;;

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It's always good to hear nice things about a potential new client~! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get to meet up with them.

Sunday will have to be the day I try to show up. I don't have any plans, so I should be able to go should nothing come up to make me have to do something else.

In my other post I was worried about passing you by XD so maybe you'll be wearing a certain something so I can spot you at the autograph session? I'm really excited at possibly getting to meet you in person ^-^

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