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FREEDOM at Anime Expo

I guess Company BV announced the stuff happening at AX regarding FREEDOM.

First, they'll be screening FREEDOM throughout the convention.
They're building a "mini-theater" in the booth that seats 30 at a time to show FREEDOM in HD!
It's really nice in HD...
I saw the mock-up layout for the theater, and it's pretty stylish too.

The booth number is 1605.

Director Morita & series planner Sato will be at the first screening on Saturday to interact with the fans.

I already talked about the panel, so moving on to the autograph session.

The autograph session will be at the booth on Sunday at 4:30pm.
Fans who buy FREEDOM DVDs or FREEDOM-related goods are eligible for autographs.

So...see you all next weekend!


I bet it will be really nice in person *-* Plus I have an interest in how things are set up for some odd reason XD Not much of a comment but there it is ^^;;;

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