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Oops, I didn't write for the weekend.

I finished Title S for Company T today.
I still have a few more volumes in it.

I'm trying to finish the two huge video game files (my last two...phew) so I can focus on preparing for Anime Expo.

Today I spent half the day with A-san from Company BV to check out the AX area.

Then I met with her and K-san about a few things.

I'm happy they actually listen to my suggestions.
They're really respectful.

I wish I can say what director Morita will be doing, but since it's not final, I have to wait.

After my meeting with Company BV, I met up with my multi-talented friend S (she's a voice actor, ADR director, writer, etc, so I don't know what to call her) to watch Paprika.

We went to a theater that just opened June 1, and it was really, really nice.
And it's so close to my house!
It's just too bad that I don't watch that many movies on the big screen.

Then we met up with A & S from Company B to have dinner.

My comments about Paprika.

I was a little sad that some parts were changed to clarify but in the end changed the meaning slightly.
(Does this make sense?)

It's not a big deal (not important to the main story), but there was one line toward the beginning that bothered me a lot and I couldn't focus on the rest of the movie.
Oh well.
Maybe my translations need to be more clear.

I don't want to point out the change here; I'll keep it to myself.
Or at least, I'll only tell my friends. Hee hee.


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