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Even More Tennis

I went to tennis again.

Since I had to do something for work before that, I missed Donald Young's game...again!

Thank goodness he won, so I can see him tomorrow.

And my main event...Kei Nishikori won!
His score was an amazing 6-1, 6-4.

He played well, even though I was the only one cheering for him (audibly), while the opponent had a whole entourage cheering.

Here is a picture of him:

To the right of the picture you'll see half of the entourage.

Sorry the picture is not so good; you're really supposed to get close to the subject as much as possible (even with a crappy camera), but I didn't want to look like one of those teen idol okkake women, who chase after young boys 10 years younger.

Okkake is defined as a groupie...I think.

It's a modified term for "oikakeru" which is to "chase."

Anyway, Kei will be playing in the quarterfinals tomorrow, so I guess I'll be going.

I met a line judge who's Japanese and was also rooting for Kei, but she can't show it because she's a line judge.

We have the same first name, which is why we hit it off.

...Once Kei loses, my tennis entries will be done with.

For now.


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