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Busy Day

I had a busy day today.

I went to watch tennis...I watched Brittany Augustine play, and then Kei Nishikiori.
I wanted to watch Donald Young, but I had to go to work.

Brittany plays like Serena Williams.
But she's on the shorter side (two inches taller than me), and it gives me hope that short players can hit powerful shots.
Wow, I just looked her up and she's only 16! Dang!!

Kei played...very well.
My favorite tennis manga Shanimuni GO has a character named Shun Saseko, but Kei is the real-life version.
Let me find an image of Shun...

Uh...I looked around Marimo Ragawa's site, and finally found one.

Sorry Ragawa-sensei for linking without permission...
But Shun-kun isn't featured on any of the volume covers.

Anyway, both won, so I might go again.
Actually, I might go watch the other Japanese guy tomorrow.

After watching tennis I went to work.
I got to play the video game (in Japanese) I'm working on.

The people around me (my client's employees) saw me and said that they shouldn't get me mad.

When the game is announced, you'll understand what they meant.

Then I went to Anime Jungle for the Haruhi event.

There was a big turnout.
Well, more than I expected.

I took one picture.

It was pretty interesting.
I mostly went to give support to Tetsu-san (owner of Anime Jungle) and say hi to the industry people.

I got a Haruhi poster for my friend Stephanie, who does the voice for Mikuru.
It's a nice poster! It's huge.

Now that I think of it, I should've gotten another one to have her sign it and give it away or something.

Oh well.
Posters are hard to send, anyway.
I already had a hard time finding a box/envelope for the 5 manga + extra stuff to the first raffle winner.
I think I reused an envelope I got from Company DR...

Anyway, time to rest.

I have another busy day tomorrow.


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