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Reasons for Being Fast

My editor at Del Rey is a very lovely person.
(Actually I haven't met her in person yet...hopefully at AX)

She always thanks me for "doing a quick job" or "replying so fast with the additional translation notes."

Yes, I usually turn in things before the deadline.
(Well, now I do. I didn't turn in essays before the deadline in college)

This is for many reasons.

1) I like to get on things when they come to me.
So when she sends me a question with a simple answer, I usually answer as soon as the email comes.
I also don't want to sit on it and forget about it.

2) I have dreams about the work that's sitting on my desk.
Not dreams, they are nightmares.
"Ugh, I still have 3 translation jobs to do..."
"The novel text is chasing me..."
Stuff like this.

3) This week I have another reason.
I didn't want any deadlines on my birthday.
It's already bad enough that I'm working at the restaurant on my birthday.
So I recently turned in something for Broccoli.
My editor made it due on my birthday!
And I think he knows it's my birthday too...
I wonder if that was my present.
"Here you go, the deadline for this manga. Happy Birthday."



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