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A Small World

I finished the rush job of a manga.

I pulled an all-nighter for it, so today I took the rest of the day off.

I am really supposed to be working on the video game files.

I received an email from my client's client (who I'm talking to directly), where I found out his full name and realized that I met him before.
Before, he used to work for a different game company and I used to work for a different company.
So I have his old business card.

Since I started talking to him already, I'm not going to bring up that we met before.
Because I'm sure that he doesn't remember me.
And if I bring it up, it might get awkward...

It's really funny how small this industry is.
And the cross-over is cool too.

I completely forgot that this weekend was a holiday weekend.
Bah, it doesn't matter because I'll be working anyway.
I'm currently working on With the Light 3 and the video game.


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