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Manly Men

Currently I am working on a manga and a video game.

Both have only men in it...
Manly men!

Both are made for young male adults.

The video game is a sports video game.
It's a sport I know nothing about, and I don't care to know about it either...
So I had to first start learning about the moves and the rules and stuff.

I wish someone would give me a tennis game to translate.

Anyway, back to the manly men.
I was telling my sister that the manga I was working on had only "gotsui otoko."

Gotsui = rugged, rough
Otoko = man

I personally don't know that many gotsui otoko.
All the guy friends I have are geeky and scrawny.
(I hope they're not reading this...)

Two gotsui men alone together for a few days...
Not a beautiful sight.

But the manga was interesting.
It's something I would never read (because it has gotsui men AND it's a scary manga), but I'm glad I read it.
Many thanks to my editor for giving me the chance to expand my manga horizons.


*giggles* It's always good to expand your manga horizons :) Is it really scary? Like Horror Scary? :O

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