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Paprika Article

It was posted on ICv2, but I'll post it here too because I think it was one of the better articles about Paprika.

Anime Dreams, Transformed Into Nightmares

I have trouble explaining the story of the stuff I work on.

"What's KAMUI about? What's Princess Resurrection about?"

I never can explain it to make it sound interesting.
No justice done to the wonderful projects I worked on.

Especially with Paprika...well, I did work on it over a year ago and haven't seen the movie's hard to explain.
I first have to explain about the devices known as the DC Mini, and how there's Paprika who is a ****** of another character, etc, etc.

This article had a nice description.

Please read this article...and please go watch the movie!

I can't wait to go watch it again.
I'm not sick of it even after watching it many many many times over and over in a period of two days, so it's that interesting.


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