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KAMUI #7 Released

KAMUI #7 is released today.

I think the cover alone would attract new


Because of you Satsuma-chan, I keep seeing new titles I want to read *giggles*

But that's not a bad thing! I just need to spend my money more wisely until I find a new job [but I do have a good bit saved up so I'm not in the hole] and I also have some paychecks coming that the company I worked for still owes me.

Cover art is very important~! It gives the future reader a glimpse of what's within the pages. I've even read that when Naoko Takeuchi made the cover art for Sailor Moon she was told that Sailor Moon's silver hair wouldn't attract attention and it was changed to yellow because yellow is more catchy to the eye [though I still would have been attracted nonetheless]. But of course... you know that it's important XD hehe but yup this is another title that will be added to my ever growing list of must-reads :D

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