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Happy Birthday! Here's a Rush Job

I got another job from Sony Pictures.
Rush rush.

This is English to Japanese! Oh dear. (Sounds like Pooh)

Due May 6.
Are you nuts!?

That means I have to work on it over the weekend...I have a tennis tournament Sunday...

Today was my birthday.
I spent the whole day out...working.
I was working on the novel project, while doing some consulting, and then I went to my Sushi Restaurant job.

So tired.

I got a sushi birthday cake from my co-worker sushi chef Ken.
Rice on the bottom, covered with spicy tuna, egg candles with ikura flame.
So cute! I wanted to take a picture but I didn't think the camera phone would do any good so I didn't take a picture.

Oh well. Back to my novel job.

It's still worth it because I'm my own boss.
I think I'll have a great year.
Yup yup.


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