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...And Monday is like Friday

So I got more work today.
Two more, in fact.

My planner (I'm still in the analogue age where I write in my schedule) is filling up with stars.

I have a star sticker next to every deadline I have, which are color coded.
For example, Company B deadlines are marked with a green star, Company T deadlines are marked with a red star.

Let me count the stars in May...


I guess I'm glad I'm not going to Fanime.
I really wanted to see Mr. Inui (Murder Princess author) and Yamaga-san, but oh well.

Those of you going to Fanime, please tell Mr. Inui how much you like Murder Princess!

Oh, and the guest I'm interpreting for at Anime Expo was announced today.
But I'll talk about that another day.


I definitely want to start reading Murder Princess! And now that I'm coming back to California for good maybe I'll be able to attend Anime Expo for the first time and spot you there :O

The past weekend was pretty terrible ._.;;; to make a very long story short my boss hit me and my boyfriend & I lost our jobs [actually we quit because we were tired of working for such an awful company who btw did nothing about that man ._.;;;]

So... we are starting a new life in California yay ^O^ I've never been to an anime convention and would really like to go to Anime Expo so hopefully that comes true this year ^-^v

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I saw an article about Murder Princess in NewtypeUsa and you're right, the artwork is very clean! My boyfriend has told me no more manga until I finish reading the ones I already have ^^;; but I'll most likely get it anyways :)

Yeah it was a company that I had no faith in at all, so really I wasn't surprised that they hadn't done anything to him, just made him apologize to my now ex-co-workers which is like... shouldn't you apologize to the one you wronged? XD

But anyways, yup yup I'm on my way! Currently I'm in Utah but plan on driving all the way to Las Vegas tomorrow [such a long and hot drive XD] The AC in the car is broken so it'll be hot ._.;;;

I'm glad the weather will be good! And you're right again, the pros definitely outweigh the cons most definitely. I would really love to see you at Anime Expo, it'll be great to meet someone I've been talking to, so I really can't wait~! Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to come :D

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