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Day Off

I got three jobs today.

Two video games, and one manga.

One of the video games is the same series as the previous video game I worked on.
This series is hot hot hot right now, so I was expecting it...just not this soon.

The other video game is a title I really know nothing about.
I do know about the title, but I've never read the manga or seen the anime.

But luckily, I have a friend at the anime distribution company who released the anime, so maybe I can borrow the DVDs.

...Actually, he just emailed me back saying I can borrow them!
He's so nice!
Thank you!!

Anyway, today was my day off, so I went to get a massage and bought some manga.

I bought the bunko versions of manga I used to read when I was younger:

Handsome na Kanojo
Mienai Silhouette
Noroi no Kurojuuji

Handsome na Kanojo is by the artist who did "Marmalade Boy" and "Ultra Maniac."
I personally prefer Handsome na Kanojo over most of her other work.
There was a one-volume manga I liked too, called "Quartet Game," but I think it's out of print.

Mienai Silhouette and Noroi no Kurojuuji are by Yoko Matsumoto.
She was the "horror shojo artist of Nakayoshi" when I was young.
Like the current Miyuki Etoh (Jigoku Shoujo).
Noroi no Kurojuuji wasn't that interesting, but "Mienai Kao" that was featured in Mienai Silhouette is a story I like.
There's a nice twist.
And it's people getting killed by people, and not some evil spirit like the other stories.
I like human murder stories.
I don't support or encourage them though.
(I'm not a psycho!)

I can't say anything about Kochikame.
It speaks for itself.
It's funny, informative, and entertaining.

To continue my day off, I'll be going to watch Spider-Man 3 at midnight.

...And then I'll work on my birthday (tomorrow) all day.

I chose the wrong day to take off, didn't I?


Silly! You should have gotten the day off on your birthday or maybe you didn't get to choose? But anyways, I bet that massage was nice and its always fun to buy new manga! I recognized Handsome na Kanojo, though I haven't read it. I've of course read Marmalade Boy, but also Kimi Shika Iranai [the main girl & guy looked just like Arimi & Ginta!] and Mint na Bokura [I just started that one, very cute~!]

Hehe don't worry no one thinks you're a killer, I think those sorts of stories are interesting too :D

I WANT TO SEE SPIDERMAN 3! ;o; Maybe I'll get to see it tomorrow since it'll be the weekend [been working hard all week @.@]

And since I'm commenting on the day of your birthday: Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to make you a birthday card ^^;;; it'll be late but when I get it done I'll e-mail the link to you! *nods*


Hope you're having lots of fun~!

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A bit late, I fear

Happy belated birthday! May you be sucessful and stay healthy ^^

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