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Finished Pet on Duty

I just finished Pet on Duty.

It's a story about a cat-eared boy (no, he doesn't really have cat ears) surrounded by a bunch of hot men.

And they are hot!

My favorite is Koichi, the main character's older brother.

He first appears as a nice older brother, but later gets a little mean and evil (in a funny way).
Maybe that's what I like about him.

I like people who appear nice are but really evil inside.
You call this "hara-guroi" in Japanese.
Literally "black/dark stomach."

I am often called "hara-guroi" by my friends.

The term comes from fish.
The Japanese halfbeak is an expensive fish if you were to eat it.
It's a beautiful fish and very tasty, but the inside of their body is pretty dirty.
They're white fish, but their intestine is black...
That's where the word comes from.

...This was another installment of One Potato Two's "Useless Japanese."

The Japanese halfbeak is "sayori" in Japanese.
Even the name sounds pretty.


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