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Tom Hanks on Conan


The greatest part of tonight's show was Tom Hank's story about going to meet the prime min of Japan.

For people who didn't see the episode:

Sony Pic or somebody offered Tom if he would like to go see the prime min of Japan (Koizumi).
Tom said sure, and he thought he needed to get him a gift.

After a few discussions here and there, someone suggests that Tom give Koizumi a mickey mouse watch because his character wears it in the movie.

So they decide.


Someone high up at Sony Pic says:

"Hey, we spent all this money making this movie, spending more money to send Tom to Japan to see the prime min, and we're giving a watch with a Walt Disney licensed character on it?"

So they decided to just give him an autographed DVC book instead.

That was a great story just because I was in the licensed products business.
Heh heh heh.

The worst part of the show was when they showed a clip of the movie.

It was the beginning of the movie where Tom is giving a lecture about symbols.

Yeah, it was a good clip...

It's just that it was the exact scene I watched many times subtitled in Japanese.

I had the sound off then, so this time I got to hear what Tom was saying in English for the first time, but...

I remember the lecture scene so much I can actually repeat the lines (in Japanese).

Oh well.

Overall it was a very funny night.


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