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Tonari no Totoro

I'm working on With The Light #2 right now.

Volume 1 and volume 2 had the "Let's Walk" song from "My Neighbor Totoro" in it, so I watched the movie.

Since I have the Japanese version, I don't know how the song was translated.
Does anyone know?

I think "My Neighbor Totoro" is my favorite of the Ghibli Collection.
The acting is good, and the characters (non-human) are cute.
I don't know why but Ghibli uses actors instead of voice actors...and it sounds really bad.
But Totoro used voice actors.
The main girl, Satsuki, is played by Noriko Hidaka.
She's famous for Minami in "Touch" but Americans might know her more for her role as Akane in "Ranma 1/2" or Noriko in "Gunbuster."
The little sister, Mei, is played by Chinatsu Sakamoto.
She played Ashibe in "Shonen Ashibe," but Americans will know her as...the cross-dressing one in "Fushigi Yugi."

Unfortunately the father of the girls is played by a non-voice actor, and you can tell.

It's funny that the voice actor for big totoro also does the voice for Kabigon (Snorlax?) in Pokemon.
The shape is...similar, no?

Although I have the same name as the older girl, my sister said I'm more similar to Mei.
Not the nicest thing she said to me.


I bought the movie, but I haven't watched it yet. Actually I have a good bit of anime and manga I need to read *giggles* But I hope your work on that project is going well and I'm glad to see someone helped you with the song!

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