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Sad, Sad Japanese Story

I am currently translating a sad Japanese movie.

I don't know why the Japanese have to write such sad stories.

It is a folk tale about a young boy and a girl.
Their father, a local governor or something, opposes the officials and is exiled to a far away land.
The mother, boy, and the girl are left to stay with the mother's parents.
But the mother's parents die and their uncle kicks them out of the house.
They decide to go to their father's place, but on the way they are tricked by a fake priestess and sold off as slaves.
The boy and the girl are sold to a bailiff, while the mother is sold as a courtesan.
Ten years pass by and the boy and the girl grow up as slaves.
They finally decide to run away, but the girl doesn't go but instead kills herself.
The boy arrives in Kyoto and miraculously moves up to become a governor.
He then passes a law banning slavery and frees the slaves of his former master.
After he exiles his former master, he resigns as governor and goes to find his mother.
His mother is found but now blind.
They both cry saying how happy they can be together again.

So where's the moral?
I think it's something about having mercy on one another, and how all men are born equal.
If you act upon that belief, you can see your loved ones again.
(Even if they are old and blind by then).

It's so depressing.

I really hate sad stories because they stay with me, sometimes coming up in my dreams.

I should work on something more upbeat before going to sleep tonight.


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