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My Taskbar

How many projects am I working on simultaneously?

I think one can tell from looking at my taskbar.

I have my Outlook open.
(Although all I get is mostly junk mail).

I have my internet browser open, which is tabbed with a bunch of windows for research etc.
(Two for Japanese, two for English, one about historical facts about the subject of my novel, one Japanese-English dictionary, one Japanese dictionary, one English thesaurus)

I have three excel files open for my video game.
One is a name list so that I can follow the correct spelling as the anime series. Another is a list of the "moves" used in the game that is not included in the official name list.

I have a Word document for Murder Princess #2 open.

I have a Word document for Princess Resurrection #3 open.
I also have a separate document for the translation notes.

I have the novel translation open, along with a character, location, etc spelling list.
Since the novel is the first volume of the series, I thought I should keep a list handy.
I thought it'll be useful for my adapter/editor too. many? Four?
I also have another manga I should be working on, but I got an extension, so I think I'll do that after I finish the two Princess manga.

I haven't left the house the past few days, and I'm not planning to go outside today either.
I'm missing two birthday parties this weekend.

Okay, I'm getting depressed so I'll go back to work.

I chose the raffle winner (actually, I had the cat choose), but that will be in a separate post.
Sorry to keep you (the winner) waiting!


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