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Sakura-Con 2007 Day 2

Day 2.

I spent the morning in the dealer's room.
Then I went to the Hellsing Panel.
It was packed!

I'm glad I got to get in as industry.
There were people standing, people sitting on floors, etc.

Then I went to go see Company B's panel, and then Company GE's panel at night.
They showed a clip of Higurashi, but I turned away because there was a knife involved.
I don't think I'll watch it...I like the storyline, but too much gore.
Like Battle Royale.

There was a Cutie Honey live action premiere, but I couldn't go to it.

I was so tired I didn't get to work.

Oh, here are some pictures I took.

I found him so this time I took the opportunity.
He looked really like Naruhodo-kun, it was uncanny.
I liked how his girlfriend (?) would hold the sign up for him.

They were soooooo cute!!
I liked how Mario held a Wario plushie.
Their mother (?) was dressed as Peach.


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