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One Potato Two 1st Anniversary

The end of March marks my first year anniversary blogging about my professional translator life.

I originally started this blog to keep track of my work.
I have x number of projects, due blah blah day.

I wanted to keep it simple because I already had a blog in Japanese that I've been writing since 1999.
But I wanted to help promote the projects I've been working on to the audience they were intended for, so I decided I should try to write more interesting things.
I'm still not there yet, but maybe by the second anniversary I'll be closer.

I just hope that this blog promotes the industry I'm in (both in the USA and Japan), because I think "entertainment" is an essential part of human life.
Sure, entertainment does not find a cure for aids or send more men to the moon.
But it creates emotion--the most important of them, laughter--and I think that's pretty difficult.

Anyway, to celebrate One Potato Two being a year old, I think I'll raffle away a packet of TAF-related merchandise.

The packet includes:
Gurren Lagann clear file
A mini-mag with a fold-out poster of Gurren Lagann
Mini-kleenex of Moonlight Mile
Romeo x Juliet postcard and informational flyers
Haru no Mezame postcard and informational flyers
Mini-newspaper featuring Reideen
Hand-held fan of Ooedo Rocket
Sticker sheet of KONAMI animation titles
Ghibli museum clear file
Emma booklet
Karasu postcards
Random manga copies (in English) of the titles I worked on.
Etc, etc.

Pictured here, plus more:

You'll also get a hand-written note from me! Woohoo!

If you're interested, please email me using the form to the right with your name and address by April 9th, 11:59pm (PST).
I won't be using the information for evil purposes.
I can only ship to a United States address...sorry.

Thank you for reading One Potato Two.

Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!


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