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With the Light Announced

My editor at Company YP told me today that they announced my first title with them.

With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child, by Keiko Tobe.

The story revolves around Hikaru, a boy with autism.
I've always had this image that the Japanese are not as sensitive towards disabled people, so I'm glad there are books like these out.

One of my friends, a semi-bilingual elementary school teacher, used to work with autistic kids.
She is currently helping me out with questions I have.

I also have another acquaintance (a fellow freelance translator/interpreter) who has a son who is autistic.

I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I like working on it.

I haven't read much manga about disabled people, but here is something I read before.

Flower, by Naoko Wada.

It is about the difficulties of being on a wheelchair.


I read Flower before. Interesting concept and one that does not try to make the disabled person the victim. Instead the guy is the one freaking out at first.

Cool to see you are working on that book for ¥P. Hmm josei manga... I'd rather see Kaoru Smile (also from Mrs. magazine) but I will not complain! Been waiting for more ladies manga for ages!!!

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Ahh thats sweet... I'd rather you say "I took the job because Ed would have wanted me to" but you are right either way. ^_^v

  • 2007/04/02(月) 18:11:31 |
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