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Spring 2007 Japan Trip Day 8

Day 8.

I went out to get Ramen for lunch. I tried a new store, but it wasn't good.
I was very sad...
The only good thing about the ramen was that it had an ajitama in there.
Ajitama is a flavored boiled egg, and I think I did a translation note for it in Shugo Chara volume 1.

Here is a picture.

I went to the Company G Ohanami (flower viewing) in the afternoon.
It was at the Inokashira Park in Kichijoji.

Here are some pictures.

You can only party hardy until 10pm.

There was one tree with surprisingly bright pink blossoms.
I thought it was fake.

The actual trees around me looked more like this.

I prefer willows over cherry blossoms.

Rows and rows of those swans.

Yamaga-san drinking.

People and more people.

Various drinks and food were served.

Other than Takeda-san, Yamaga-san, and S-san I saw the other night, I got to see K-san (in licensing), Sato-san (producer), and Sadamoto-san (character designer).
I haven't seen K-san since I translated for him at AFM many years ago, and Sato-san and Sadamoto-san I saw them last when I translated for them at Fanime many years ago.
So I was worried they wouldn't remember me (or recognize me, because now I wear glasses), but they were nice enough to pretend.
Sadamoto-san was telling me that Tsurumaki-san is busy to death, and that his time is coming soon.
...Good luck to everyone.

At night I went to dinner with my childhood friend.
We went to a store in Akihabara, famous for their okonomiyaki.

It was sooooo good.
They have many stores in the Kansai region, but only one in Tokyo.
I told the store manager (he cooked our food) to please come to Los Angeles too.


The store name is "Yukari."

The store manager mixing the okonomiyaki.

Juu, juu.

Cooked! After this, they pour the sauce and mayonnaise.
Sorry, I was so hungry I started eating without taking a picture...

Their lights were made of spatulas. How cute!

The ice cream full of collagen.
Healthy, good for your skin, and low in calories!


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