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Spring 2007 Japan Trip Day 7

Day 7.

Since my dinner with Company BV was light, I woke very hungry.

So I tried Matsuya, a beef bowl / set lunch chain.

Usually girls my age do not eat here in the morning...alone.
I threw myself into a place full of business men, ages ranging from about 24 to 50.

Heh heh.

I didn't eat there...I took it back home to the hotel to eat.

Here is a picture.

Then I went back to the manga cafe to read more of the manga.
I have about 4 more volumes left...but I think I'll buy those because my favorite character plays an important role in those.
He's hot hot hot.

And then I went back to the hotel to work.

I got an email that there will be more text coming on this project...

I've decided to go to Sakura Con.
So...that means that one of my weekends will be gone.

I really have to work hard then!

For dinner I met up with Company C.

We had yakiniku!!

Japanese yakiniku is soooooo good.

I especially like the gyutan with scallions and lemon juice.

Here are some pictures.

I can't eat liver.

Mm. Good.

You push the top and salt comes out. Very handy!

Tongue is best with scallions, salt, and lemon.

Small and useful.

I didn't get to eat any "hormone," because I think M-san thought I was a girl and wouldn't eat any.
But I love intestines!!
Well, except for liver.

After dinner M-san drove me home in his Beamer, straight to the hotel entrance.
Wow...VIP service.

He'll come again to AX this year.


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