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Spring 2007 Japan Trip Day 5

Day 5.

I only got about 4.5 hours of sleep because I was trying to finish the video game file.

Anyway, I woke up and headed for Akihabara.

It was raining, by the way.
Pretty hard.
I had to buy an umbrella at a convenience store.

I bought a bunch of video games, and now I feel guilty about it.
I don't think I'll even have time to play them until May.

Oh well.

Two of the games I bought are for PS2, so I will have to borrow my friend E's Japanese PS2.

I also bought Furuhata Ninzaburo, the 3rd season DVD box.

I've been wanting this for about 5 years.
I finally found it for a decent price.

So I will be watching that while I work when I get home.

For lunch, I had pizza.
When I went to dinner with Company G, they served pizza with a runny sunny-side up on top.
You crush the yolk to mix it with the toppings.

Is this something they do in Italy?

Anyway, it was really good, so I ordered the same kind of pizza.
I think from now on I will eat Papa John's pizza with egg on it.

For dinner I had Wara Wara, a chain izakaya.
After eating good delicious food (at other company's expenses), I realized Wara Wara is not that good.
I just chose there because I was tired and it is next to my hotel.

I fell asleep before 9pm.


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