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Spring 2007 Japan Trip Day 4

Day 4.

I spent half of the day working on the video game file.

Then I met up with my friend and former co-worker S-san.
I had to borrow her and her ID to buy a new phone.

She helped me buy my previous phone many, many years ago.
My phone is so old that the company doesn't exist.

Here is my old phone.

It's next to the water bottle to compare the size.

Here is my new phone.

It's next to a business card to compare the size.

Sorry the comparison items are completely different sizes...I just grabbed whatever was near me.

After I split with S-san, I went shopping.
For random stuff.
Then I ate ramen and jumbo gyoza.
They were huge!

Delicious ramen is so easy to find in Japan.
Why aren't there delicious ramen places in LA?
All are mediocre in my opinion...

I came home and finally finished the rush file.
I still have over 80 files left...

Tomorrow I will go to Akihabara to shop for a bunch of stuff.


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