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Spring 2007 Japan Trip, Day 3

Day 3.

I got an email about the video game files.
I guess the developers wanted the graphic text ASAP.

Graphic text is the text you see on the actual scenery and stuff.
Like the numbers you see when Final Fantasy characters are attacked.

Back when I didn't know what Final Fantasy was, I thought the numbers were something the characters were throwing away.

Anyway, so I worked all day in the hotel.

I went outside once to allow the cleaning lady to come in.
I went to K-Books and bought some novels and manga.

I had a Bakudan Yaki for lunch.
It is like a huge takoyaki with 10 different ingredients.

At night I went out to eat with my former co-workers.

After I came back I had to work some more, this time on manga.
It was also a rush job.
It wasn't really, but I wanted to process it so that I'll have more cushion time later.


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