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Spring 2007 Japan Trip Day 1

I arrived in Narita around 3:40pm, Tokyo time.

I took the limo bus to Ikebukuro, where I always stay.

I like this hotel for many reasons.
1) Free internet
2) Fridge, even though there's very little space (3 drinks worth)
3) They lend out humidifiers
4) Right across from MatsuKiyo
5) Convenient to Ikebukuro JR station

...well, and etc that maybe I shouldn't share to the public.


Company G was nice enough to meet me at the hotel.
When I got to the hotel, S-san was already waiting for me.
I quickly changed and washed my face, and when I went down, Takeda-san and Yamaga-san were there too.
And Y-san from Company B.

I see Yamaga-san almost every year at Fanime.
But I haven't seen Takeda-san and S-san for many years.

And this was my very first time seeing Takeda-san not in a suit.
Because usually he is always suited up.

Our get-together was special this time because it was for Yamaga-san's birthday.

Here is Yamaga-san with his special birthday dessert:

Sorry the picture is bad, but the place was gothic and dark.

They served interestingly named food, and some of them looked very nice too:

And this is the dessert we shared among 4 people:

It was called "The Master's Wagamama Parfait."
You can choose the contents from a list of things.
Like what kind of topping you want, what flavor ice cream, etc.

It was a fun night.
Thank you Company G!


The food looks very interesting! That one dish looks like a rose to me if I'm not mistaken, but that could just be me. And the parfaits...


Extremely delicious looking! I bet you were full after eating it :D Now I want one ;~; I bet Yamaga-san had alot of fun ^^

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