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Laptop in the Bag

I'm off to Japan in about...10 hours.
I'm going to put away my laptop now, and maybe blog again in...a day?

Hopefully I can take nice pictures of sakura (I like yozakura more, so I don't know if my cheap camera can take nice pictures) and TAF.

I'm going to take the following work to Japan:
Novel F #1
Video Game N #1
Manga P (Princess Resurrection #3)

I was going to cut up Princess Resurrection in the plane, but I realized I can't take knives...

So I had to cut it up in the middle of the night.

Why did I choose to take Princess Resurrection?

Well, it's not 18+...
The other manga work I have that's not 18+ is thick.
It's as thick and big as a wide-ban/perfect edition manga.

My other choice was Murder Princess #2, but I haven't read it yet and I didn't want to cut it before I read it.


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