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Double the Work

Daylight Savings is sort of throwing off my daily schedule.
I hope I get used to it soon...
Although I'll be going to Japan in about a week and I have to adjust to that timezone anyway.

I've been working on the novel and video game simultaneously.

I do one video game file, and when I feel like I'm video gamed out, I switch over to the novel.

I am about less than 1/3 done with the novel (I'm way behind...sorry to my editor!), and about...1/4 done with the video game?

Anyway, I don't know if it's the DST or the staying up later than usual, or the overload of work, but I had a tiring sequence of dreams last night.

In one of them, I was working on the novel.

It was sad because I had spent a good amount of time "translating" in my dream, but none of that work converted to my real life work.

It reminded me of the time when I had to go to the doctor to get a shot (I HATE shots more than anything).
That night after I visited my doctor, I had a dream of getting the shot again.

It hurt.

...Since I am working on three unannounced projects consecutively, I have nothing to blog about.


Does working on so many different things ever get to be too much? :O Every time I read your entries about what you're working on I'm just like wow because I think being me I would get too focused on one thing and forget the other XD

O.O!!! You and me are so alike, because I H-A-T-E shots too! XD I dread them so much ;~;


I wish work you do in dreams did transfer over to real life, it would make things simpler right? Hehe :) How long will you be in Japan? :O

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