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Oishinbo Blurb

My second series of choice for Hikikomori Weekend (TM) was Oishinbo.

Is there a Japanese person living in Japan who doesn't know this manga?

It's been animated, appeared on quiz shows (I first saw it on Magical Brain Power...same show I first saw Evangelion), became live action dramas and a movie.

My mom was watching the newest drama special.
Shirou was TOKIO's drummer, Shuzo Matsuoka.
Yuuko was Yuuka.
Yuuzan was by Ken Matsudaira (MatsuKen Samba guy).

I was thinking that Oishinbo would be hard to translate because of all the text.
English text usually becomes longer than Japanese text.
And according to the writer Tetsu Kariya, he says that when he writes the story he sends to the artist Akira Hanasaki, he sends in over 60 pages per episode.
The norm is about 20 pages.

Hanasaki and the editor condenses all of that text into a 22 page manga.
So you can imagine how much text is in there.

I hope someone does translate this manga one day.
It's informative and entertaining.
Although there are some graphic images that makes me consider becoming a vegetarian.
I just wish they don't show "the best way to kill a fish" as much.


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