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Barefoot? Waltz Announced

I guess they announced what I've been calling Title H.
(H for Hadashi no Waltz).

It will be called Barefoot Waltz?
Not sure now.
MangaCast has it up for Autumn Waltz, which I think is a better title.
No one is barefoot in the story dancing, if I recall correctly.

The first story arc:
Takumi and Gie's school invites a violinist to come play at their school. Takumi is a big fan of the prodigy, which makes Gie a bit uneasy.

The second story arc:
Takumi and Gie are right in the middle of their school festival. Their class is serving sweets to lure in the girls. The plan works, but all the girls are there for Gie.
Then one of the girls asks Takumi to deliver a love letter to Gie. Takumi does, but Gie doesn't take it well.
In this story, the supposedly popular couple Shingyoji and Misu show up.

I don't know when Barefoot Waltz is coming out, but June Pride is due out in September.
Please look for them!


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