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Kaze Hikaru Blurb

Since I am pushuuuuu, I decided to take the day off.
Which means to stay home, like any other day, but just not do any work.
By the way, pushuuu means "pffffft" or something similar.
Like a balloon losing air.

I should've cleaned my room or something else that's productive, but instead I read manga, played video games, watched TV, etc.

I'm like a hikikomori!
Hurray for hikikomori!

Anyway, one of the manga I read was Kaze Hikaru.
I read volumes 8 to 21.

*Some spoilers(?) ahead*

Kaze Hikaru is a story about a girl named Sei who pretends to be a boy (named Seizaburo) to join the Shinsengumi to avenge her father and brother.

There she meets Souji Okita and falls in love with him, and even after she kills her brother and father's murderers, she decides to stay and live (and die) for Souji.
By the way, Souji finds out that Sei is really a girl.

I don't really care for Sei and Souji.
While going through the history of the Shinsengumi, the romantic plot is about Souji being mean to Sei so that she'll "return to being a girl," and Sei struggling to figure out Souji's true intents.
And usually Souji only does it because he wants Sei to be stronger, or he wants Sei to find happiness as a girl/wife, or he thinks Shinsengumi is too harsh for her, etc.
Ultimately, because he cares for her.

It's cute, but I don't read it to find out what happens between them.

I read it for Hajime Saito!
Hajime falls in love with Sei/Seizaburo, of course not knowing that Sei is a girl.
Not that it matters, because homosexual love is true love! the thing during this time period in Japan.

So...I'm reading the manga from Hajime's point of view.
Go for it, Saito!!

He's sooooooo cute!
Even if he looks like Kuririn (from Dragon Ball) when Kuririn first arrives at Kame Sen'nin's house.

I've always liked Saito the best out of Shinsengumi.
Hajime is number one!! (A pun on his name)

Especially in Kaze Hikaru, because the artist can't really draw hot men...I can't find Toshizo Hijikata that attractive.
Things will be different if Toshi and Souji look like the Juvenile Orion versions by Toru Azumi.
(Please look in pages 30-31 of Juvenile Orion Illustration Book: Realm of Light).

Anyway, I would recommend this manga to girls who are interested in Shinsengumi.
Studying for your Japanese class will be more fun!
There's always an afterword with various information, so even reading that is interesting.
Oh, I wouldn't recommend it to girls who thought Hajime was hot hot hot in Kenshin.
He looks very...different.

But he's still awesome as the XXXX for the XXXX.


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