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Sweet Potato Two

Usually when I translate a manga volume, I start with translating the chapters, if there are any.
Then I take post-its and make notes of the chapters and paste it on the splash page so I don't have to scroll up my document at each chapter.

With Kitchen Princess, since the chapter titles have to do with the recipe items at the end, I first have to look up the recipe.

For example, in volume 6 there is a chapter called "Najika and Sweet Potato."
She makes a snack out of sweet potatoes and simply calls it "sweet potato."

In Japanese you can do this because the Japanese word for sweet potato is "satsuma imo."
(By the way, this potato is where I get my blogger name).

So in the recipe it says:
How to make Sweet Potato
Wash a sweet potato and cut it up into round slices of about 1cm.

So on and so forth.

Since the reader might be "???" with this, I'm going to ask the editor if it's okay to name the snack differently.

My suggestion is "Baked Sweet Potato Mash."

But if anyone has something better, please let me know.
The recipe is similar to a "Southern Sweet Potato Pie" (I looked it up), but without the pie shell.

This is only the second time (I think) that I had to change a recipe item name.
Another one was "Rice Cake," which was a cake made out of rice.
But rice cake is the English term for mochi.

I forgot what I suggested, and I don't know what the adapter and editor ended up with.
I guess I'll find out with the rest of the USA readers.

Happy Lunar New Year!


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