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I currently have 4 yaoi books waiting to be translated.

Since I cut up my books, I had my mom help me cut them up this time.

Naturally, she skims over it while she cuts it.
I thought it'd be okay because she knows that I work on these kinds of books, but I guess she never looked through them.

So she was surprised at all the oral sex scenes.

I had to apologize.

I should've thought twice, but my mom is the best book-cutter I've seen.
Must be the water in Niigata.

Anyway, after taking on so much yaoi work, I'm worried I'm going to be typehired (a version of typecasted) as a yaoi translator.

Honestly, I'd rather be a hentai translator.
The reaction I get from my friends are different.
(Yaoi = Oh. or Ew.
Hentai = Awesome!
Yuri = What? Oh. Awesome! *thumbs up*)

I remember there's a scene in Sex & the City where Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis) is prompted to have anal sex, and she was worried if she went through with it, she'd be known as the "up the butt girl."

That IS a valid concern...

Heh heh heh.


EroManga... Thumbs up!!

I wonder what your mother would think when she cuts up those books!?!

Gah I need to send you an email too. Ahh...

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Ureshii okotoba, doumo arigatou gozaimasu. Itsu ka aeru hi wo omachi shitemasu.

I gave a brief explanation to my mother about the yaoi manga, but she didn't seem to understand it. I think it's better to keep it that way for her longevity, though. ^^;

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