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My Emiko Sugi Picks (?) + Alpha

I saw the news article about Emiko Sugi passing away.
Gomeifuku wo oinori itashimasu.

I haven't read her manga lately, but when I was in junior high? Something like that, I used to read her manga.
One was called "The Equation of Adam and Eve" (bad translation of a title!), and another was "Magic From the Lips." (Sorry, another bad translation...)

I hardly remember both titles.

"Equation" was about a teenaged girl who was a soft porn author?
I completely forgot.

The cover above is the bunko version.
I would recommend it to people who liked "Sensual Phrase."
(Not for the art, but the storyline).

"Magic" was about a girl who could do fortune-telling, and her boyfriend was also had fortune-telling abilities, and they have to overcome obstacles brought upon other people with fortune-telling abilities.
The girl used crystals for fortune-telling, but her boyfriend could fortune-tell when he kissed the person.
Hence the title.

I would recommend it to someone who doesn't mind that the main couple are step(?) siblings.
Rize's mom adopted Hiro after she divorced Rize's what does that make them?

With all these manga artists passing away, I sometimes worry that Suzue Miuchi will die suddenly without finishing her classic manga title "The Glass Mask."

Of course, I can't die yet either.
I need to find out what happens to Maya and Hayami-san!!!

I recommend this manga to anyone and everyone who likes shojo manga.


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