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I guess the Ghost Hunt adapter went over my translation for Ghost Hunt #9, because I got some questions regarding it.

I like working on this series not only because it's a good story, but also because the adapter is insightful and smart (I've never met him), and my editor is on top of things and coordinates the process smoothly (I've never met her either).

Thanks to them, volume 9 will be a good read! :D
So if you weren't considering buying Ghost Hunt, please at least buy volume 9.
Well, of course you'll have to buy volume 8 too because the story is connected.

Anyway, I love getting questions about the translation, because the otaku side of me thinks, "Cool, I can talk about the manga to someone!" "I can elaborate!"

But then I also get discouraged because the professional side of me thinks, "Dang, I should be more clear with my translations."

Being a manga aikouka (manga lover) but also being a manga translator makes me deal with the angel and devil on my shoulders.
I'm always struggling if I should show my otaku side, or be a professional and hide it.

It's best to balance it out, but it's really hard to be a professional otaku.


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