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Anime LA Gunbuster Premiere

I went to Anime LA to help out a little with Company BV's Gunbuster Premiere.
(Episode 1 only)

The president of Company BV USA was there, and he made a couple of big (?) announcements.
Like...something people would be interested in.

I wonder if any reporters were there?
At least forum posters.

This was the first time seeing the Gunbuster packaging, and it's sooooo good.
K-san, the president, was very proud of it.
And he has the right to be.
The booklet is nice too.

The image below is K-san and a major Gunbuster fan holding the DVD, booklet, and a figure set the fan brought to the panel.
(Figures are not part of the DVD set).

And here are some One Piece cosplayers I took that came out well.
(It was outside and still sunny then).

Oh, that was my first time watching Gunbuster, and I fell in love with coach Ohta when he took off his sunglasses!!!

If I tell the Company G staff, they will once again claim I like oyaji's...


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