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Finished Title H

I finished title H.
I just have to do some formatting stuff and it's ready to be turned in.

Title H is one of my later deadlines, but since it was the easiest for me I did it first.

That way I won't feel so overwhelmed with all of the work I have.

Title H is semi-announced, but since I don't see it on the publisher's website, I'll keep it a secret.

I really never know when I can openly talk about my projects, because sometimes it's really unclear if it's been announced.

Usually I'll wait for the publisher's website to put it up, but Amazon is faster.

Even if it is up on Amazon, I try to wait until the cover image is uploaded or something.

So currently there are about 2 titles up on Amazon, but I'm still waiting for the cover images.

Another title I'll be working on soon was announced, I heard, at a convention, but I'm still waiting for confirmation on the website.


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